Quality Assurance Committee (QAC)

Serial No. Name & Address Designation
1 Vice-Chancellor, PSTU President
2 Pro Vice-Chancellor, PSTU Member
3 Dean Faculty of Agriculture, PSTU Member
4 Dean Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, PSTU Member
5 Dean Faculty of Business Administration and Management, PSTU Member
6 Dean Faculty of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, PSTU Member
7 Dean Faculty of Fisheries, PSTU Member
8 Dean Faculty of Disaster Management, PSTU Member
9 Dean Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science, PSTU Member
10 Dean Faculty of Land Management and Administration, PSTU Member
11 Director, IQAC, PSTU Member
12 Registrar, PSTU Member
13 Director, accounts, PSTU Member
14 Additional director, IQAC, PSTU Member-Secretary